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Funskool is India’s leading toy manufacturing company promoted by MRF group. Funskool started its commercial operations in the year 1988 and has state of the art manufacturing facilities at Goa sprawling an area of 70,000 sq.ft and 50,000 sq. ft factory at Ranipet. Funskool has been pioneering the concept of quality and safe toys in India and raised the standard of the toys quality in the Indian Market. The company’s mission is to influence the parents to spend on toys that enable every Indian child to grow with quality toys that contributes to their mental development. Funskool has one of the largest ranges of toys in India.


Funskool India Ltd, is a joint venture between Indian tyre giant MRF, and Hasbro, Inc., the worldwide leader in children's and family leisure time products. Operations were started way back in 1987. Since then, with our contribution to the Indian toys industry and a vision to help every child grow into a successful human being, we have emerged as the largest toy company in India.

At Funskool, we uphold the highest standards of quality and excellence and offer the most exciting brands towards child and family entertainment. Our products are developed keeping children in mind and the Indian toys industry will continue to see revolutionary changes. Funskool will continue to be in the forefront of this dynamic environment as long as there are children in this world.

It is this strong bond that we have developed with children that has elevated us to leadership status in the industry for over two decades. Since 1987 when we introduced a new meaning to fun for millions of children across the country with indigenously designed toys that have been manufactured to exacting standards of quality and safety.

This website is a window to the world of toys and fun that Funskool has created. Featuring the latest trendsetter brands, for boys and girls, for the family and for different ages, from infancy to adults. Just as our domestic products like games, puzzles, infants and preschool products have given a new avenue to child development and family entertainment.

How does Funskool consistently create toys that become the firm favourites of children across the world? Simple. By understanding the changing needs of children, over the years. So to cater to these needs, we have obtained licenses from many international players to manufacture, distribute and sell international quality branded products in India, like Tomy and Noddy for Infants & Preschool products, Warner Bros., Dora and Ravenzburger for Puzzles, Walt Disney for Board Games, LEGO for Construction and lots more…..

Creating a world of fun is serious business. And no one understands it better than Funskool. With a basket full of ideas, a spirit to excel and an objective to touch the life of every child who reaches out to us. Funskool looks forward to the future. Where tomorrow's children are waiting, for their world of fun.

Start Up
Funskool was set up in the year 1987.The commercial operations began with setting up of a factory at Goa with all the machinery and equipment to manufacture high quality toys. To cater to the increased demand a second factory was set up at Ranipet, about 100 miles from Chennai. Both facilities have more than 60,000 square feet of built up area with multiple technologies to produce high quality toys.
Product Range
What’s common to infants, toddlers, school-going kids, doll-loving girls, car-crazy boys and families that love to play together? Funskool, of course!

Children of today’s age are extremely opinionated about what they want and what suits them. Yet, one name that all of them agree unanimously with is Funskool, because it’s a brand that they can grow with. At every stage of their childhood, Funskool offers them a wide array of toys and games for them to choose from.

Be it squeaky toys, rattles and teethers for infants, play sets and crawling aids for slightly older babies, multi activity toys, assembly and construction toys and pull along toys for pre-school children, Funskool becomes a child’s best friend even before he/ she steps into school.

As the learning process begins, so does the fun, with Funskool’s educational and creative toys that helps the child explore various skills and also learn as he/ she plays. Exciting vehicles and Play-Doh activities have kept children absorbed in their fantasy world for hours together. There’s so much for the family too – board games, memory games, party games… the list is endless.

Funskool’s range of products is a blend of art and science – they have been aesthetically created with exciting colours and designs that would delight children. They are also very scientifically thought out, so as to improve various skills and functions, from hand-eye coordination to problem solving skills, from reflexes to colour and shape recognition.

Most Funskool products are easy to carry anywhere and hence offer hours of entertainment wherever you go.
Marketing & Sales
Funskool has a strong ALL INDIA Network with four Regional Sales Offices in the four metros, New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata (See Contact Us). We have 18 C & F ware houses spread all over India catering to over 100 stockists and 4500 retail stores directly.

Marketing plays a very special role in Funskool, especially in the development of toys, games and puzzles. Our marketing team consists of dedicated, inspiring and energetic professionals whose efforts are consistently directed towards meeting the changing demands of today's children.




a) : By virtue of being joint venture partners with Hasbro, Funskool is proud to be associated with block buster brands under the following categories

Games : Monopoly,Cluedo,Game of Life, Connect 4, Trivial Pursuit, Mastermind, Jenga to name a few

Boys Collectibles : Transformers, Beyblades, Nerf, Marvel,

Pre-School : Playskool, Chuck & Friends , Playdoh

Girls Collectibles : Baby Alive

b) LEGO® : From April 2010, Funskool has joined hands with LEGO® to officially distribute LEGO® across India
c) TOMY : Renowned for its world class quality, Funskool also distributes and markets the ever popular infants and pre-school brand TOMY
d) Ravensburger : Puzzles, Memory Games and Scotland Yard, Funskool brings you the best amongst the above from the internationally acclaimed house of Ravensburger
e) Leap Frog : LeapFrog creates award-winning educational solutions that delight, engage and inspire children to reach their potential. We know that children learn best when they’re having fun, and that every child learns differently. With solutions that are personalized to each child’s level, every day brings pure learning fun.
f) SIKU : Founded in 1921,the family-owned company Sieper GMbh, with the Siku brand is known for its extensive range of high quality toys models . Funskool is now product to officially launch the SIKU brand in India from 2012.
g): Funskool has also now forayed into the exciting world of remote control cars with . New Bright . New Bright Industrial Co., Ltd., is a toy manufacturer and the world’s leading manufacturer of Radio Control vehicles. Founded in 1955, they are fully vertically integrated company in design, research and development, manufacturing, sales, and marketing of toys.
h): Ever popular board games like Stratego or the latest technological I-pawn games are now available in India through the exclusive agreement that Funskool has with the Netherlands based Royal Jumbo Group.
i) Hornby : Anyone who has ever been given a Hornby train set knows that there is something really special about the experience. It is more than the amazing detail, or the perfection of the modelling or even the fun of creating a world in miniature

It is the power that it has to engage and the potential for years of shared enjoyment. And in today’s world that is something really special and something to be treasured.

Included in the magic of each set is a TrakMat which provides the starting point for the train set to develop into a model railway. Before too long another locomotive is added and then another, plus coaches, wagons and buildings, and with each addition so the wonderment and enjoyment grows.

Welcome to the world of Hornby!
What’s more is that Funskool is perhaps the only company in India to have an exciting array of licenses in its ever growing portfolio
  • Disney (Board Games)

  • Warner Bros ( Board Games & Puzzles)

  • Dora (Board Games & Puzzles)

  • Othello

  • Rummikub Games

  • Indian Institute of Technology ( Board Games)
  • Noddy

  • Mary Danby

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