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Funskool is a leader in the field of family and child entertainment with a wide range of exciting toys and games that not only get children to play and learn, but also help families bond over board games and other activities that bring adults and children together.

At Funskool, we encourage an open culture. Every employee is empowered at his/ her level and is inculcated with a sense of ownership of the company. Individual initiatives are encouraged and creativity, appreciated. These have a direct impact on productivity and retention, for we take all possible measures to make sure that our employees are satisfied, motivated and well-looked after. All these, coupled with employee satisfaction and employee well-being, ensures high retention levels at Funskool.

Our open atmosphere and flat structure inspired all our employees to be independent and self-managed. Small wonder that they take the initiative to maintain a warm, cordial, yet professional work culture, while we take the initiative to ensure that our employees are happy at the workplace.

If you wish to be a part of this happy organization and delight millions of children and families, contact us with your resume.
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