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Powered by innovation, Funskool constantly strives to match the ever-changing preferences of young children – a special trait that has set us apart from our competitors.

So, Guys and gals do look out! This year, Funskool has an whole lot of exciting launches just waiting to pop out of the toy basket and it will definitely take you by surprise.

On the anvil, this summer, your can be assured that your holidays will be continous days of whole hearted fun with all that Funskool has to offer, a completely new range of action filled games, education puzzles, and pre-school toys and much more. Till then, keep your fingers crossed.
The Transformers brand, which has become one of the most successful entertainment franchises of the 21st century, reaches new heights in 2013 where the heroic AUTOBOTS march towards for the epic battle against the villainous DECEPTICONS to save the world. The Fans won't have to wait until the TRANSFORMERS get on to the screens as Funskool announces the availability of its TRANSFORMERS: BEAST HUNTERS new toy line.
Children love activities that allow them to use their hands and fingers, especially those involving paints, paper and other material. Handy Crafts from Funskool caters to the creative side of them, offering them opportunities to bring out the creative talent in them. From glass painting to finger painting, from leaf art to quilling, from origami to tapeigami, the range of activities that takes them into this unique world of arts and crafts is extensive, where they can experiment and produce their own masterpieces. Watch your child’s imagination come alive as every stroke of colour becomes a masterstroke!
The Monsuno Core is part of the action toy line based on the animated TV series Monsuno. The toy line combines exciting entertainment with various styles of action-packed play that feature dramatic competition. In Monsuno battles, spinning is the basic battle action. In the game, Cores are devices made to turn the Monsuno Essence into a living creature. It does this by combining elements and animal DNA allowing the Monsuno Essence to hyper-evolve into a living creature. Once the refined Monsuno Essence is loaded into a Core, you can spin the Core triggering the hyper-evolution.
A new concept of a car toy that no one has ever experienced before!

Scan 2 Go consists of a car and two types of cards,the Power Card and the Turbo Card.The innovative technology allows kids to program the car to activate power turbo sequences during the race. More power and turbo means higher chance to outrun the rivals.
Funskool’s Play & Learn Puzzles have been designed to be a source of edutainment and entertainment to kids. They are available in different designs determined by the number of puzzle pieces and cover a gamut of topics from the World map to India map, from fruits and vegetables to the alphabet, from transport to numbers.

Gift your child the entire range and watch him play – and learn, with delight!

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